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**Spacer fabrics with their breathable functions are mainly used in mattresses. Mainly on mattress, it can be used on inside of covers and on side borders. It can provide advanced air circulation for mattress. It’s lower the sweating while sleeping. It can help to move the heat and moisture away from body.


Preventing heat and moisture to rise in mattress Spacers can prevent to be formed bacteria and mites. Spacers ensure that your mattress is hygienic and comfortable. Spacer fabrics reduce the pressure of your body while you sleep and provide more comfortable sleep. It also prevents Decubitus ulcer sickness.

Usage Areas of Spacer Fabrics; Mattress and Borders Pillowcases Side Borders, Seats Automobile Seats Motorbike Seats Sneakers Medical Applications

Spacer Fabric Features; Waterproof and Anti-Sweating Balance the Heat Prevents Decubitus Ulcers Sickness. Flexible Advantages of Spacer Fabrics Comfortable Sleep, Preventing Heat Sweating Protection Against Sickness and Bacterias.

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